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Winter months (May - August) are generally the drier months which range from 35º F to 75º F,with the exception of Cape Town and the Garden Route, which has a winter rainfall. Summer months (Nov - March) tends to be the rain fall season in the form of thunderstorms, the further north you travel the more frequent the thunder storms become, temperatures range from 60º F to 95º F.


The US dollar is accepted in all of the destination countries, at which point it can be exchanged for domestic currency.
Visa and MasterCard are accepted in most lodges and at larger shops, traveler's checks are not recommended but can
be exchanged at most banks.


English is a widely spoken and accepted language in all destination countries.


We strongly suggest clients to purchase a travel insurance package to cover all aspects of the entire trip.


Though most lodges have phone lines, you can arrange with your carrier to accept international roaming.
Please be aware that not all areas will have reception.


Tipping is customary in all Southern African countries and is up to the discretion of the client.


Light weight hunting clothes in camouflage colors (depending on hunting area dark green and/or light khaki),
Comfortable long trousers, Hat or cap, hiking socks, worn-in boots, light jacket, warm jacket, Comfortable casual clothing, underwear, toiletries and medicines, sunglasses, sun protection, insect repellent, binoculars, camera, flashlight and batteries,
rifle with a minimum of 60 rounds of ammunition, ammunition holder, international power adapters.

A good pair of binoculars are essential for wildlife viewing, we recommended
at least a 7-10 power binocular with or without image stabilization.


All taxidermy services and shipping of trophy's can be arranged with Go Africa Hunting or with the operator
that you will be hunting with.


Visas are not required for entry to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe but are required for entry into Mozambique. You will need only your current passport. Inoculations are not required but are recommended in certain areas, please check with your Go Africa representative. As a precaution, make sure that your tetanus shots are up to date. Most of our hunting concessions are not in malaria prone areas, but take note that some are. If you are currently under prescription or should require special medication, bring that with you.


You are allowed to bring your own rifle of choice, ammunition allowances vary depending on your destination country. A rifle in the 300 magnum range (300 WinMag, 338, etc) will be suitable for any African game up to Eland. You will be required to fill out a Rifle Import/Export Application, which must be handed to the police at the airport. Clients are responsible to supply their own ammunition. Please select a multi-purpose expanding bullet, with the heaviest grain for the caliber. A soft rifle bag, in addition to
a rifle case is advised for transportation between hunting.


We recommend a pair of well broken in uninsulated ankle length boots, broad rim hat to protect your neck and ears against the sun. A warm jacket for the evenings and early mornings, especially during our winter months (May - September). For protection against thorn covered plants and trees, we suggest that you hunt in long pants and long sleeved shirts. Try not to pack any bright colored clothing. Camouflage, khaki and/or faded blue, green clothing are the preferred colors. Due to daily laundry services at all accommodations, we recommend traveling light.


Take note that all electricity is 220 volt. Make sure all electronics have an option of 220/120 volt, if not an inverter would be required. It is advisable to bring electronics that require batteries as they are readably available. Where cameras are concerned a dust proof bag and film containers is a most. If SD cards are used, bring plenty of them!


The abundance of any particular animal varies from area to area. To enable the best success rate on your hunt please notify your Go Africa Hunting representative as to which animals you are interested in hunting, to make sure that we can develop the best hunting safari to suit your requirements.


To ensure that you do not have any surprise expenses on your trip, our hunt prices are ALL inclusive. Note: PersonAl costs such as additional alcohol and gratuities would be at your own discretion. Prices listed on marketing materials and this website are listed in US Dollars and are subject to change without notice.




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